ETHCRAFT $EMRLD - A Minecraft community token on the Ethereum chain.
Earn $MRLD
Stake your $EMRLD for a pickaxe to enter The Mines and start mining
Mining earns you different amounts of $EMRLD depending on how long you stay and the section of the mine
Return your pickaxe for your previously staked $EMRLD and collect your rewards
The mines
Embark on an epic journey into The Mines, a realm meticulously carved from the very essence of the Minecraft universe, yet uniquely intertwined with the cutting-edge world of blockchain. Here, in this digital expanse, lies an opportunity like no other - a chance for early adopters to delve deep into caverns of possibility and mine for rewards that are as precious as the rarest gems in the Minecraft world.
Phase 1
  • Web launch
  • Token launch - Uniswap listing
Phase 2
The Mines open
Phase 3
  • Mines close forever
  • Minecraft server
  • Meme takeover
  • Partnerships