A web studio in Belarus, we will develop a website with the right user experience (UX) and a cool identity.


My studio will be happy to help in the development of a website of any complexity or identity of your business. A user-friendly and intuitive website with a modern interface design. Let's set up SEO optimization of the site. You will be found, recognized, understood, bought.

I am Alexander, the founder of the web studio

I share with you the most interesting and cool in my opinion projects developed by me and my studio. Here, starting from logo development to complex web products UX/UI

Studio Portfolio

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The studio does not deal with pipeline projects. We dive deep into the customer's business.
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All planet
Work experience in many countries of the world. CIS, Europe, Asia, Western countries. My approach is relevant in many countries.
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Design wisely
Your project (product) will be understandable and convenient for your audience, whether it's a logo or a website.
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Sites: NFT, blockchain, landing, business card, corporate, online store (e-comerce).Branding: logo, identity.
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My design is modern and relevant for a long time. Your project is on trend and stand out from the competition!
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Constant contact with the customer at every stage of development.
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A small list of my studio's services and how we work. We do not work in a conveyor mode, so everything is individual for each project.

UX/UI website design

User Experience Research (UX) for your project. Development of several user interface design concepts (the design of several is developing a user-friendly design for all devices. Let's assemble a prototype to re-examine the user experience. We transfer the Figma project to your developers and, if necessary, we also help them. You can also organize the development with our team.

App design

Mobile application design development. Convenient for your users and your goals. Let's think through everything to the smallest detail. The development steps are similar as in the service

Website development

A team of talented developers with experience in developing various websites and applications will help us jointly implement unusual ideas and functions of our product. From a regular landing page to an application with embedded artificial intelligence. We will select the optimal solution for the development of your website or application.


Corporate identity design from A to Z. We will help with naming, develop a logo design for your product, prepare a corporate identity guide and help with branding everything! You will be clear and visible.
I want to share my experience of cooperation with Alexander.
We needed to make a website for our consulting company. And Sasha coped with this task perfectly! The result is a modern and minimalistic design. At the same time, we invested in the timing and budget. Alexander was constantly in touch and gave feedback on the work.
Overall super! Talented designer, excellent service for a reasonable price.
Founder of the marathon kolmykov.ru
I ordered the development of a landing page for a fitness marathon.
The result exceeded all my expectations! Earlier, I often ordered the development of websites for different projects, but when working with Alexander, for the first time I was understood from the "half-word"
As a result: an excellent, fast and most importantly high-conversion site.
PR manager Pulcino
We worked with the Brand Room team on a very interesting and complex project. I want
to express my gratitude to Alexander and his team for their work, there were many ideas
that Alexander patiently implemented, for efficiency in work and
a desire to help make a cool product. I think we did it!!!
Director and PR daoonline
I thank Alexander for creating the website design! Alexander also offered us his vision for the company's logo and the resulting Logo fit perfectly into our concept! All our ideas have been implemented and even more! As a result of our work, we have received a unique and creative design that perfectly reflects the concept of our project. The result did not leave anyone from our team aside. I also want to note Alexander's professionalism, a comfortable atmosphere at all stages of interaction on the project. We will be glad to contact the Brand Room on our other projects.
This is aerobatics: speed, quality and huge potential for creativity. Alexander is always in touch, polite, attentive to details. The professional who will make your project a reality. Great job!
HR-manager/IT-recruiter azumics
An opened and talented man.
Azumics LLC partnered with Aleksandr on developing company's brand. Friendly and trusting atmosphere made it possible to work together efficiently and productive with great results. Even now when we need any help with design stuff, Aleksandr is the first one we always turn to.
Our company appreciates his assistance and wish him to keep working in the same manner.
Media Content Manager swanlake capital
Thanks to the studio for fast and high-quality work, for openness and desire to experiment. Special thanks to designer Alexander for his creative vision. Thanks to his professionalism and talent, the website of our company has finally acquired its unique and memorable style. It was a truly rewarding collaboration experience!
Founder coppingjoyce
We worked with Alexander and his team. Changing the platform for our website. Correction of all errors over many years. A very large amount of work was done with Alexander's team, the entire site was rewritten with clean code.
Founder and CEO bfood
Thanks to Alexander, the founder of the web studio "Brandroom". We urgently needed a new e-commerce website (online store) with a modern design and easy navigation for visitors of any age. The work was done quickly and efficiently, it's not strange, but we didn't even talk about edits, as it usually happens. The site was launched on the service tilda.cc to simplify the administration of our team without involving developers. A lot of attention was paid to SEO optimization for good indexing of our products. Thanks to the studio for the good work. We cooperate further.
Founder Azumics
Alexander is a professional. We developed a logo, identity and website design with Brandroom studio, after which the developer transferred and optimized it on the CMS we needed.
Anton Vladimirovich
CEO and Founder Dot Space 84
We needed to develop an identity for the project. The Brandroom studio helped us with the logo design and shelved ways to apply the corporate identity. Our design was presented very coolly. Excellent approach to the client's business.
Director bonfood
Development of the project identity, development of a website for an online store. A very cool approach to business. An important part of cooperation is always in touch. They conduct an analysis after the launch of the product, study user behavior on the site and make navigation adjustments for better conversion. SEO has been optimized so that we are ad-free for important queries on the first pages of Google and yandex.
Deputy dir. on organizational issues zol
Our logistics company needed a fresh look and redesign of the site. The web studio "Brandroom" has developed a new identity and a new website to promote our services in the CIS and Europe. Our site is on the first lines of search engines and good traffic. Special thanks to Alexander for his professional approach to the case.
Founder divid
Thank you very much to the Brandroom studio for the chic website design and SEO optimization. We needed a website design corresponding to our projects and today's time. The design came out modern and cool. Alexander offered us to launch a website on the service Tilda.cc and we were very satisfied. There was a quick launch and we were left with the opportunity to independently administer our site.
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