Website development and identity

Online store of the perfect steak
Our web studio has developed an identity and web design for an online store dealing with DRY AGE steaks (15, 30, 45, 60 days). We have developed a user-friendly website for the visitor and launched a project on Tilda with SEO optimization. User experience studies were conducted and based on the research, an ideal website was developed.

Convenient on all devices

The design was thought out for all devices. Since studies have shown that 76% of visitors to this site and consumers make purchases through mobile devices.

Product cards

We have found an optimal and convenient way for the visitor to make a choice and order a product, reduced the number of clicks so as not to annoy the buyer with unnecessary actions.

What is good for the visitor is good for SEO. The necessary information for the client gives cool indicators in search engines.

Articles and news of the store

Development to the smallest detail

What many people do not pay attention to, we devote time and care to this. After all, the 404 error annoys and scares many. We are caring to visitors and say that everything is fine, just go to the main page and you will find the answer.